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Company profile

Guangdong Purple Dragon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., built in 93 years in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, the new town, 99 years migration Foshan city Shunde District, located in Beijiao town Malone industrial zone. The company is a professional engaged in coating conveying automation equipment manufacturing process R & D company. Since the establishment of the company, we continue to develop high energy saving equipment, which ranks first in the ranks of energy-saving equipment technology. It saves diesel fuel, saves gas, saves powder, reduces operation cost, improves product qualification rate, eliminates defective products and improves production efficiency. With its own technical advantages and continuous development, adhere to the "customer respect, quality first, service first" principle, established a wide range of cooperation at home and abroad.
The company's R & D products:
Drying furnace, dry water furnace, furnace, diesel gas stove, firewood and coal stove, hanging type flat type automatic conveying line, assembly line, belt line, UV in the trunk, large single and double stage cyclone recovery, a small whirlwind of single and double PP stainless steel recycling, dusting, dusting, dusting, swirl spray plate the spray painting cabinet, Naomi PP frame automatic electrostatic spray booth, waste gas treatment equipment, sanitary ware, bathroom installation of spray forming furnace automatic drying line, dedusting equipment, cooling equipment, spraying room and workshop dusting a-hundred-thousand-level cooling air supply equipment, 10 years anti-corrosion Dacromet line, fluorocarbon paint line, clean room design and manufacture, the Yin and Yang highly automated electrophoresis line, automatic processing line, spray pretreatment automatic swim line, automatic line, enamel furnace and other audio-visual......
Coverage of company products:
Air conditioning sheet metal, household appliances, microwave oven, water heater, kettle, automobile, motorcycle wheel frame, solid steel and aluminum furniture, lighting appliances, aluminum, glass, road light boxes, racks, cabinets, electric fan, refrigerator, water heater, mobile phone shell, shell crafts, ceiling keel, hardware accessories, lighting parts, motorcycle the helmet, fire extinguishers, injection molding machine shell plate, CITIC emitter, stone, office supplies, baby stroller, car interior wood, Dacromet, auto screws, VCD shell, motorcycle fuel tank, highway fence, railing lamp etc.......